The Chris Ivory debate

ImageI have never used WordPress before so this might look a little odd when I publish this. I guess I’ll learn as I go. I enjoy writing about sports, so I thought I’d start with an NFL football player that I have mixed emotions about. Saints RB Chris Ivory.

Ivory will be a 4th year RB out of Tiffin University and join a pretty impressive list of Saints finds when it comes to undrafted free agents. I love his upside. He is such a physical runner  and has proven with carries that he can produce. In 3 seasons, Ivory has put up 256 carries for 1,307 yards (5.1 yards per carry) and 8 rushing TDs. Anyone can see what he could do if he was given more of an opportunity. His career stats could actually give you an idea of what he is capable of if he was to get a 250 carry opportunity. 

So needless to say, as a Saints fan, I would love to keep him. I hope we do. But the chances don’t look so good. The Saints are around $20 mil over the salary cap so there will be some players let go. It would make absolutely no sense to carry 5 RBs considering this fact. There is a possibility that Pierre Thomas could be cut or traded, but cutting him would cost us money so it’s easier to let Ivory walk. Ingram and Sproles aren’t going anywhere.

Cadet is younger, has better hands, and returns kicks. Ivory does not have very good hands and has had health issues the last couple of seasons. 

So what an unusual situation to be in. Chris Ivory has proven that he can be an effective NFL running back, but I can legitimately make an argument that FOUR RBs on the Saints roster will most likely be on the team next season. So Ivory is looking like the odd man out.

I hope I’m wrong. I love having Ivory on the team. As long as he doesn’t go to Atlanta (heard a rumor Atlanta may cut Turner loose), I wish him the best of luck.